Authentic bars in Bruges

If you’re visiting Bruges and you’re a little thirsty, then one of these cosy authentic bars is definitely a must!

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‘T Brugs Beertje

This café has been a gem in Bruges since the spring of 1983. Here, 300 different types of beer are brewed with love. However, that’s not all this place has to offer. The interior of this pub really reminds you of the old days. Kemelstraat 5, 8000 Brugg https://www.brugsbeertje.be +32 50 33 96 16

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Café Vlissinghe

As the oldest café in Bruges, founded in 1515, this café is worth a visit. Café Vlissinghe is run by a warm family, hence its unique atmosphere and warm scenery. Longing for a fancy snack and a drink while learning about the history of Bruges? Then be sure to visit Café Vlissinghe! Blekersstraat 2, 8000 Brugge https://www.cafevlissinghe.be +32 50 34 37 37 @cafevlissinghe

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‘t Klein Venetië

‘t Klein Venetië is an authentic café with a south-facing terrace on a unique location. From the café you have a view of the most photographed place in Bruges. In addition, there’s sun on the terrace from morning until evening. Definitely a must for those who like to enjoy a little sunshine. Braambergstraat 1, 8000 Brugge http://www.kleinvenetie.be +32 475 72 52 25

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De Garre

The Garre can be found in a hidden alleyway in the middle of the city of Bruges. Here you can enjoy a snack and a drink in a quiet and traditional atmosphere. They also have their own beer ‘Trippel van De Garre’ waiting for you! Definitely worth a visit! De Garre 1, 8000 Brugge https://degarre.be +32 50 34 10 29

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Just around the corner from the Market Square in Bruges you can find this beer brasserie/beer tasting room. You can try as many as 400 types of beer. Are you hungry as well? No problem, feel free to enjoy a dish with your beer. Philipstockstraat 19, 8000 Brugge https://bierbrasseriecambrinus.eu +32 50 33 23 28

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