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Things to do in Bruges

So you want to do something in Bruges? The city may be small, but there are many attractions in and out of the old town. The city’s medieval buildings, lively squares and swans floating peacefully in the canal immediately attracted me. No wonder this place is listed as one of the most romantic cities in Europe! But even if you are not traveling with your partner, the city is still a great place to visit with family, friends or even alone. The following guide will try out different activities in Bruges, including the main attractions and some unusual ones.

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Take the boat on the canals of Bruges

Venture onto the canals of Bruges and discover the city from the water. The boarding point for the boats is at the huidevettersplein. The boats are guided tours. The captain is often very funny and tells you the funniest facts about the city. During this tour you will see the smallest window in Bruges, the Jan Van Eyck square, the beguinage and much more. No fear, the swans can’t attack you!

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Eat French Fries

You can eat real Belgian fries in Bruges. We have some frites you can visit. Frituur de Faluche has also been crowned the best fryer in Bruges so definitely recommended! Want to learn something before you reward yourself, your friends or your children with tasty fries? The fries museum in Bruges is highly recommended.

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Climb the belfry

The belfry of Bruges is located on the market of Bruges. The belfry is the most important tower in Bruges and was built in the 13th century. The tower is 83 meters high and has no less than 366 stairs. But if you climb this tower, you will have the best view of all of Bruges. On the way to the top, you will encounter important rooms in the tower. Watch out for your ears when you stand near the carillon bells.

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Visit the “In Bruges” filming locations

The film "in Bruges" was filmed in the city in 2008. You can look for the set locations. There are 15 locations throughout the city. These locations are also real hotspots. Below are some of the locations: – Minnewater Bridge – Gruuthuuse museum – Groeninge museum – Rozenhoedkaai – Fish Market – Jan Van Eyck square – Belfry of Bruges

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Rent a bike and explore the city

Bruges is a real cycling city. Throughout the city you will see many bicycles. The City of Bruges therefore motivates its residents and tourists to make use of bicycles. For example, you can rent a bicycle, a Blue-Bike. This is an initiative started by NMBS-Holding in collaboration with FIETSenWERK. There are 112 bicycles available at the station. You can cycle everywhere in the city. Be careful with the cobblestones, you can be shaken up.

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Visit the many museums

In Bruges we have a lot of museums. For example, we have the Flemish primitives museums. These include the Groeninge Museum, St. John’s Hospital, St. Salvator’s Cathedral, and the Church of Our Lady. Here you will also find the famous ‘Madonna and Child’ by Michelangelo. Works of art by Jan Van Eyck and Hans Memling. Outside of that we also have independent museums such as the chocolate museum and the french fries museum. More of a fan of jewelry? We also have the diamond museum.

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Go to a concert in the concert hall

In the concert hall you can attend all kinds of events. A concert, a theater performance or a lecture. View the program and enjoy a show. If you prefer to learn about the history of the concert hall or if you are a big fan of the architecture of the building then the “concert hall circuit” is a fun trip for the whole family !

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