Discover Bruges

Your go-to guides for seamless navigation, luggage storage tips, and our curated list of top restaurants and bars. Immerse yourself in Bruges, where cobblestones whisper tales, and each bite and sip is pure delight. Let us lead you to the must-see sights for an unforgettable adventure

Discover Ghent

Seamless transport, luggage tips, and top dining and nightlife picks. Immerse in the city's stories on every cobblestone, savor every flavor. Let us lead you to must-see sights for an unforgettable Ghent adventure
Welcome to Romy&Travis, your gateway to the enchanting cities of Ghent and Bruges! Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of these picturesque Belgian cities with our cozy and affordable accommodations. We pride ourselves in providing the perfect mix of comfort and atmosphere, ensuring a memorable stay for every traveler, whether you're on a romantic getaway or a work trip.
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